I’ve always been of the mind frame that face washes were a big fat  waste of money, but people,  I’m here  to admit that I’m a dumb f-ck  because that is so not the case.  I’ve been using Philosophy’s Purity Cleanser for the last year and this product doesn’t mess around when it comes to cleaning and toning my face.  I absolutely love it – it really has helped change the quality of my skin.  

However, the one buzzkill about it is that you need a lot of product each time you use it, so before you know it you have to restock. This is where the new cleansing gel comes in. It’s pretty much the same cult loving formula, but because it’s a gel you only need a dime size amount. It foams up to a perfect lather (which the original didn’t do), and I’ve gotta say it’s harder working when it comes to removing my make-up.  So if you want your face so fresh and so clean, clean - sorry, blame Outkast - stop reading this and go get it.  

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