WHY: I know we all love bitching and complaining about weather, but dudes, it’s  January and unless you’re living in Maui then heads up 7 up, you’re supposed to be freezing your tits off. 

I don’t want to be a total buzz kill here, but our world is kind of going to shit - Greenland is melting, birds are changing their migratory patterns, and in 2012 we broke 3,527 records for heat, rain and snow; not to mention last year was the hottest it’s ever been in the US. So um, yah, these spikes are NOT normal.

Now if those little factoids still don’t make you flinch, let me appeal to the superficial side of you.  If we cease to have seasons how will we ever get to wear our wardrobe that’s full of pretty things from slinky summer dresses to cozy knits?!

Please, stop willing away the cold; instead embrace it.  And an easy way to do is it by tossing on one of these super plush hats. It’ll keep you hella warm, plus they’re just straight up awesome looking.

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