WHY: My purse runs a tight beauty clique so for a newbie to come into the mix is a big deal.  And when it comes to lipstick I don't f-ck around because I take what I put on my puckers very seriously. 

Everything from tint to texture has to be damn near perfect and I have to say, this new matte Kate Moss collection has hit the mark.  Usually mattes can get all dry and crusty, but these go on super smooth, feel lux and have some major staying power. The range of shades isn't vast but it’s got all the beauty basics you’ll need:  a vibrant fire engine red, a pretty pink, a creamy coral, and a nearly nude. 

It seems only appropriate to leave you with a picture montage of Kate & Johnny. Remember when he didn't look like a pirate version of Mr. T? I miss those days.  

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