WHY:  Kids in sunglasses.  I can’t. 

I know, I’m horrible, but when I see a little one sporting shades I suffer major second-hand embarrassment for them.  I don't know, it just looks so unnatural and weird and awkward.  I get it; you need to protect their eyes, but can’t you guys just find something cuter?  Like, why does it always have to be those wrap-around kind that look like ass even on adults?  

Well, let me help you by introducing you to this Van-city sunnies brand for kids!  You gotta check out all their super adorable, playful, spunky styles from the 2014 collection! And that's the key here parents, they're effing fun!   Every style, except for the "Rocky" (sorry, designer people) gets my stamp of approval.  So please do ME and your children a favour and get them a pair!

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