WHY: Jamming on a few bracelets in the morning can totally transform a plain outfit into something a bit more eye popping.  I have a few sentimental ones that are permanently tied to my arm, as evidenced in the picture below.  I love them, but lately they look less breezy bohemian and more like, I don't know, Matthew McConaughey bohemian?!  P.S. Can we make that a real style category one day?    

Anyway, it’s time to do some new mixing and matching and this Etsy store is a one stop shop for all things pretty and perfect.  I’m getting high just looking at all the bold bright beads and the rich colored threads weaved into gold hardware.  F-ck just a regular ‘ol “arm party” - once you stack a few of these together you’re going to be wrist deep in an ecstasy fueled bender.

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