WHY: That’s a wrap on New York and London Fashion week and a big f-ck off goes to all the wank ass tryhards with their outfits.  Look, I can totally get down with some offbeat mad hatter style, but it’s all starting to feel a bit contrived. Of course it’s supposed to be aspirational but where’s the fun if it becomes far too out of grasp?

Having said that, the true O.G.’s were all out in full force and they brought it. I now have a major hard on for Miroslava Duma, the former editor of Harper's Bazaar Russia. God, she’s a fashion baller. That Celine coat and bright over-sized knit tuque, please, it was prime primping.

Now while I can’t afford the coat, I can definitely cop that beanie. It’ll look dope with any outfit and with a pink candy color pop like that….my winter blues will be wiped away.

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