Sasha’s INTO IT: World Wildlife Fund Adoptions

Sasha Posted by Sasha at October 30, 2013 18:01:53 October 30, 2013 18:01:53



WHY: This column is where all my selfish first-world twatness comes out, so I thought we’d take this small commercial break and talk about something that carries some real world weight.

The World Wildlife Fund is an awesome non-profit that gets s-it done and this holiday they've come out with some adorable adoption kits.  Here’s the deal:  You fork over 40 bucks, get a cute stuffed animal, and in turn you can make an important impact. 

When you symbolically adopt one of the species-at-risk, you're in fact actually helping to protect these cute cuddly animals because heads up 7-up, they're getting wiped off the planet and fast. See how that works?  You’re giving back, but also receiving.  Win/Win.

Sooo which one to buy……well, we all know that Lainey has a major obsession with pandas so I’m sure that’s what she’ll get.  As for me, well, if you follow me on twitter then you’ll know that my passion right now is the killer whale (seriously, watch Black Fish and let's cry together), so that's my pick.

And there you have it - it really is that easy to be a better human being.

(Note from Lainey: Sasha’s Into It articles are NOT paid endorsements. Paid endorsements on are always clearly marked. These are straight up Sasha obsessions.)

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