WHAT: Yoko Ono’s love bean


WHY: Yoko Ono is a baller. She’s done some spectacularly unique things in her “career” but I think we can all agree her throat-sing to Katy Perry’s Fireworks <which by the way if you ever feel like there’s no joy in the world…..WATCH IT!!!> was the best thing the internet has given birth to in a long time.  The only thing that would have made it better is if she had mic-dropped that bitch.

So doesn't it only make perfect sense that she’s somehow come up with the idea for a plant to grow in an aluminum can that can sprout the word LOVE on a leaf? Right. Because that makes zero sense to my brain so it of course is crystal clear in hers. 

The moral of this story Yoko is YOLOing the f-ck out of life.

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