WHY: Tricked out tips are where it's at.  Everywhere you look there’s a highly glossed instagram of an over-the-top mani.  Now don’t get me wrong, while I appreciate the flyness and dedication required to design something like this, it isn’t all that practical in my world.  Who knows, maybe I’m just boring.

Anyway, when I saw the velvet manicure ushered down Ruffian's fall runway I knew it was something I could get down with.  It's subtle, swish and seemingly not all that hard to pull off.   You can buy the Ciate kit at Sephora right now which comes with a solid colored lacquer, the crushed velvet powder (three shade options) and a little brush to dust off any excess mess.

Let’s get real, there is no way I can even pretend I'm accomplished enough to do this on my own, so this weekend me and my manicurist have a date to keep my nails looking trill.

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