WHY: I’m going to try and not be the biggest buzz kill on a Friday so I’ll make this quick. Here it goes:

It’s pretty f-cked up that in the name of fashion we kill animals, skin them, and then dye their skin which directly screws over third world communities at mass (don’t believe me? watch here). And we do this over and over and over and over again because we need to have the latest bags or shoes.

It’s a crock of sh-t. 

And I’m fully aware that as I write this I’m a humongous hypocrite because I’m sitting here wearing pretty much head to toe leather.  But I’m trying. I’m trying to educate myself, trying to not be selfish prick, and trying to be a bit of a better human being on this planet.

I have a longgggg way to go, but I’m starting with brands like Freedom of Animals. Dudes, even if you disagree with everything I’ve just said above, there’s no denying how great this collection is. From crossbody’s to totes to clutches, they're churning out some seriously stellar stuff. Seriously, eco-friendly has never looked so damn good. 

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