WHAT:  Oribe Après Beach Wave and Shine Spray

In Toronto HERE and everywhere else HERE

I got an email from Lainey last week asking is she should get a digital perm.  How she hears about this stuff, I have no clue, but just to get you up to speed…. it’s some new perm procedure that’s all the rage in Asia (of course) and apparently gives you the perfect bohemian waves.  So, of course I’m all for Lainey guinea-pigging this sh-t, but until I see with my own eyes that she still has follicles left on her head, I’m sticking with my Oribe beach spray.

This stuff is truly fantastic.  It’s light weight, gives some volume and perfectly tousles your locks into some beach babe action.  Cross my heart.

(Lainey: Sasha failed to mention that my digital perm goal is to make my hair look like HERS which, seriously, comes out the way the beach waves are designed. Full Chinese people don’t have this option.)