WHY: I’m on a cleanse right now and it’s the worst, subsequently so am I.  I’m so hungry that I just debated flipping over my couch pillows to see if could find some crumbs to eat.
Anyway the only thing I’m allowed to ingest outside of these cleanse juices is tea, and while browsing online for some tasty blends (I actually googled “deep and delicious cake tea”, sadly, nothing) I found this mug.  We all know there’s nothing more annoying than sustaining third degree burns while digging out your fallen tea bag and this mug saves the day – I just bought two.

In other cool cup news I found these totally awesome mugs.  Look at them! While they’re cold it has a sleepy face, but as soon as you pour your hot coffee or tea the mug wakes up with a happy face.  Even in my starvation mode this makes me smile. 

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