WHY:  Honestly, I’m actually even surprised that I’m suggesting stationary because if you know me, you know that I’m not into stuff like this AT. ALL.  I mean, for my wedding invites I did them through Paperless Post, which I’m sure highly offended a lot of my guests.  See?

Anyway when I stumbled upon this company during one of my late night obsessive-compulsive ETSY searches, these cards totally stopped me in my tracks.  I f-cking LOVE them.  Cards are so damn expensive so if you’re going to drop some dollars why not do it on something that’s super rad.  

Come on, look at this one.  You guys, it’s a message decoder that you crack in order to get your message.  Oh and look at this golden ticket – you scratch off the gold leaf and it gives you your personalized note.  Seriously, I want to bawl my eyes out just thinking about getting something as romantic as this. (Lainey: I really want the purple vagina flower so all my friends, please tell Jacek. But not this year, next year, maybe for my birthday so by that time I’ll have forgotten about it. Thanks.)