Scandal Season 4 Episode 10 recap

So I have a pretty strong fear of kidnapping. This is nonsensical, because I am worth zero to anyone. But overcautious parents combined with a few too many high-profile kidnapping cases in my growing up years, and now I’m a weirdo obsessive who’s kind of paranoid, still. I am in no way a good kidnapping victim.  

But I mean this to say that this was not relaxing and a total thrill ride and they accomplished it even with Dove commercials interceding, which are basically the opposite of being in a cell somewhere.  

What a hell of a ride. What a mindf*ck. I felt like we’d been in that one room they were in for weeks, didn’t you? Okay, true, I thought Ian’s fatalistic nature was maybe happening to him a bit early, given that he’d just been captured, but I did not guess that he was trying to get information out of her and was HOLDING HER ON A MOVIE SET DESIGNED TO BE THE MIDDLE EAST.

Yeeesh. That was just…really well done. I was claustrophobic, I was afraid, I was so incredibly disappointed when Jake just lifted her out of there – good thing it was a fake. We got to see her be the most Olivia Pope she can possibly be, because she has to really summon all of it – every last bit of being amazing to get out of there.

Which totally doesn’t work!

And I love that! Being Olivia Pope no longer works for Olivia in this situation. All her grit and sass and belief in the love of the President does not work anymore. All her dreams of being rescued by beefcake or running off to Vermont do jack for her anymore. All they’re trying to tell us is that she has to be twice as good. Be twice the Olivia Pope she’s been. And apparently that Abby is the only true friend she has, which the show has been saying all season. So, wicked for that.

Tiny nitpick though – I mean, if he had to kidnap her to find out that the President would never stop looking for her, well, um…why did he think she was important enough to kidnap? I guess we’ll find out next week. Also, Olivia had no problem hitting him right between the eyes, so now that’s something we know.

Attached - Kerry Washington at Kimmel yesterday.