Hi Sasha
Fall weather has arrived in Vancouver which means scarf season is upon us. I'm totally into the style of the woven slightly "coarser" long and wide scarf as seen here. My problem is I just can't get behind colors (looking for more earth tones) and sorry...i just want a brand that's more unique than F21. I wanna be the only one on my bus ride home wearing my scarf. Possible? T  

Here’s the thing T, I’m really having a hard time with this F21 scarf you just showed me, because quite frankly, I really like it, and if I were you I’d rethink your whole color issue.  Look, I love a good earth tone but to jam one right up under your pale white winter face isn’t a look everyone can pull off.  Just saying.   

However, I’ll of course try and find something BUT just warning you… I might go a bit rogue.

From what I can gauge you’re looking for a floral-like pattern with a duller palette, right?  So the best option I found was this ASOS scarf.  This season you’re going to see a lot of burnt oranges and rust colors, so jump on trend with this scarf here.  Keeping up with the earth tone vibe check out this really pretty square-shaped scarf.  (Click on the military green option)

Okay this is the part where I get Sarah Palin on your ass and go off course.  Stay with me, because there are some goodies to come.  

Navajo prints are where it’s at.  They totally play up an outfit while keeping it refined.  I  just discovered a line called Theodora and Callum – I adore everything they have, but here are my three favorites – click here  and here oh yes, here.  Come on…so damn good.

You can still pack a lot of pattern punch while still keep it soft and to see what I mean take a peek at this Etro option.  I know it’s not cheap, but for all you women who are working with a larger budget, I say go for it.  Must be nice.  And yes, I say that with smugness.

Remember, you want to bring life back to your face when the cold has sucked out every last drop of happiness, and to do that you need to get some color up in there. And this Marc Jacobs one will definitely camouflage your seasonal depression with JOY!

Paisley prints, in my opinion, work best in a scarf and this one from J CREW is a great look! Oh and remember the time I couldn’t stop talking about python?  Right.  Well, just look here.

Finally I leave you with an Etsy find that I love.  Yokoo is the name of the store and for all of you who are fans of big ass mutha f-cking scarves check out her store.  I haven’t bought anything yet but this has my name on it.

There you have it T.  Hope you’ve found something you like, if not, just buy the F21 one until you find something better.

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