It’s not photoshop, I’m sorry. It’s not touching up. Scarlett Johansson in person? The real deal…holy sh-t is it the real deal. Skin that glows, the sexiest body – they say the camera adds 10 pounds, that everyone ends up smaller in person and though she’s not large, not by a stretch, she’s also not skinny. A normal, real body. A delicious real body. Sounds pervy but the kind of body you want to touch… maybe even squeeze a little.

And the thing about Scarlett is she’s so fresh! Dewy and youthful and bright… it’s not hard to see why she’s Scarlett Johansson.

As for the outfit – loved it. Kiki wore it differently two weeks ago in London but even though it’s my Kiki, I preferred it on Scarjo. Especially the tuxedo jacket she had on top… and with Stella the designer standing right next to you, can anyone really say No Likey?