The cast of Rock That BodyScarlett Johansson, Ilana Glazer, Zoe Kravitz, Jillian Bell, and Kate McKinnon – have started shooting in New York. As Sarah previously posted, the movie is about five women on a bachelorette weekend and sh-t goes sideways when a male stripper ends up dead. So The Hangover and Weekend At Bernie’s and Magic Mike – people behaving like assholes, only the assholes are women. I’m in. It’s supposed to be raunchy and hilarious and the script was on the Black List, co-written and directed by Lucia Aniello who has also worked on Broad City. And this is significant because that’s the goal, to see more women behind the camera, creating and advocating for content and stories that aren’t just about men.

You remember when Bridesmaids and The Heat came out and then Ghostbusters recently, Paul Feig said about both those movies that they had to exceed expectations because otherwise studios would be hesitant to keep making funny movies starring women by women? All of those movies were written or co-written by women. Do you remember hearing the same level anxiety when Bad Moms came out? I don’t. Bad Moms was written and directed by men. Just something to keep in mind.

Rock That Body is scheduled for release next June, just before Independence Day. So we’re getting an all-woman summer blockbuster comedy in 2017. And, this October, Sandra Bullock’s female Oceans 8 spinoff goes into production. That movie will be directed by Gary Ross but he co-wrote the script with a woman, Olivia Milch. So they’re pushing, it’s happening, and we need more.