Scarlett Johansson was with the cast of Captain America: The Winter Soldier in China yesterday. That’s a pretty prominent v-neck on Chris Evans, non? Here’s how I see the v-neck: it can’t go with big arms. You have to choose one. Go with a v-neck if your arms aren’t stretching to hulk the sh-t out of your shirt. Don’t go with a v-neck if your arms are stretching to hulk the sh-t out of your shirt. Balance, you see. Kinda like the mega cleave short hemline rule. You pick one or the other, but not both. Otherwise it’s TOO MUCH. Cheese. And, obviously, no one brings the steeze like Samuel L Jackson.

As for Scarjo, she’s working a peplum to camouflage her bump. It’s typical Scarjo – nothing personal. Although she did sort of, maybe, a little open up to the Wall Street Journal recently. “Yes, we are engaged”, when asked whether or not she and Romain Dauriac are actually engaged. Which there was no doubt about anyway. When it comes to pregnancy though, she speaks in general terms. There is no “I’M HAVING A BABY!” moment but she does allude to it when addressing how it might impact her career. 

"It seems so stressful to not be able to spend time with your family because you're constantly chasing the tail of your own success. There must exist a world in which I can balance those things, be able to raise a family and still make a film a year, or work on my own, develop things, do theater. I want to be able to have it all. Selfishly. I know that with that there will be some sacrifices. I know that's the struggle with working mothers and successful careers. It happens. With [male actors] it just doesn't happen that way. You can be every woman's fantasy, and nobody thinks twice about the fact that you have eight kids or whatever."

Sarah made this point a few weeks ago when Scarlett’s pregnancy was first reported – click here for a refresher. And then you have to consider that so many of Scarlett’s peers are actually making their motherhood a part of their careers. With the pregnancy photo shoots, the baby photos shoots, the mention of the baby in every interview…

Will Scarlett Johansson join the Motherhood Industrial Complex?

Click here to read the full piece on Scarjo at the WSJ.

Chris Evans is wearing the Arkansas Mid Lace boot by The Frye Company.