Dream on, punk.

Hot is Scarlett Johansson. Hot is Scarlett and Ryan Reynolds turning up the heat on their relationship. Hot is picturing the two of them mashing their two gorgeous bodies together.

Hot is NOT Avril Lavigne. And hot is most definitely not Avril Lavigne with her top off on the cover of Blender…

Hot? No. Hypocrite? Yes.

This is Avril Lavigne, right? Avril who yammers on about her talent and her songwriting and doing her own vocals, Avril who claims talent over titillation, Avril who criticises people for pimping sex to sell records. And now Avril is topless on the cover of a magazine?

It’s about as textbook as it gets. And likewise Avril Lavigne, with her stuck in high school 3rd album and the angst turned arrogant attitude of a predictable punk bitch, is about as original as boy bands and bubble gum.
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