Both at fashion week in NYC, both rockin’ great eye makeup. First Kate at Luella Bartley – fantastic ensemble, I’m even down with her Posh-ish bob, and it would have ended up lovely if not for that ubiquitous bulimic jaw, and the “dead for 10 years” expression that goes so well with her skeleton. And then there’s the inimitable Ms Johansson – my vote as the woman behind Esquire’s Sexiest Woman Alive gimmick…the tits give it away, don’t you think? Now tell me, man or woman, who wouldn’t choose Scarlett over Kate? Not that it’s a competition per se…but…when you think about it…isn’t it always a competition? Scarjo gets her pick of dramatic, high profile, high prestige roles … Kate gets a SuperGay, Spacey Gay, and 3 whiskered maybe gay but not any longer. Shocker of shockers - for once, Hollywood is setting a good example, non? Photo source