So you saw the ring yesterday, many of you have written to ask about the rumoured engagement, especially now that she’s flashing that rock around like she desperately wants you to notice. And THAT is the precisely the point, savvy? I have no inside information to confirm or debunk a proposal. What I do know is that her team is working overtime to put this new “stable” relationship with this new “stable” guy on the cover of every magazine. Multiple sources in Hawaii and in LA have reported to me that she not only positioned herself strategically in front of pappies at the resort for better shots of her not-hot Harry hook up but that her entourage actually went the extra step to contact photographers in advance when she was on her way down to the beach. Like I said yesterday – those photos don’t show a hint of grain, do they? As such, this ring may signify an engagement but what it really signifies is a campaign. “I’m not a party girl anymore, I’m settling down, I’m taking things seriously, please trust me, I want a job, I want an Oscar winning role, I want to usurp Scarlett Johansson” – so now the question becomes… Will it work???