Previews for Cat On A Hot Tin Roof on Broadway began this week with Scarlett Johansson playing Maggie. As you know, Elizabeth Taylor was once Maggie. And, well, in light of the mess that was Liz & Dick, it’s now even more obvious what a sh-tty job Lindsay Lohan did. But the thing about Scarjo is that I can’t see that she would. If anything, I think she’d turn it down. I think she’d understand no one can tell that story better than it’s already been told.

As for Scarjo as Maggie...

It can’t imagine that would have been hard to cast. Not because Scarjo drips sexuality, but because her sexuality is actually served with some vulnerability too, along with a lot of confusion -- she’s still trying to make up her mind, not only about whether or not she wants to be desired but what she desires herself. That will always be more interesting to me than what she she tried to be before. And this, I suppose, is why they said she had “it” so many years ago. Scarjo isn’t one note. And she’s still figuring that out for herself. Which is why it didn’t sit right when she married so young, at 23, at the time, two years younger when she married Ryan Reynolds than Blake Lively was when she did the same.

Super pervy confession: the other night I dreamed that Scarjo hooked up with Charlie Hunnam and almost lost my mind.