Is that how it works? Because Blake Lively is a regular at this event. And she didn’t show. Oh I’m sure there’s an official reason that works for everyone, a reason that doesn’t involve petty gossip. But still. And yet. Blake considers herself a fashion girl. The fashion girls were all in New York. Love matters more though than a pretty dress. I guess that means Scarjo, at least this year, gets the Met Gala in the divorce. Is it irony that in 2008, Scarjo showed up at the Met Gala showing off her engagement ring in Dolce & Gabbana just hours after confirming that they would marry? Click here for a refresher.

Scarjo was in D&G once again last night as she’s the face of the label. Not feeling the skirt on this at all, but having just looked at Leighton Meester’s Marchesa, it could be worse and besides, the upper embroidered part of Scarlett’s dress kinda saves it. There’s also something about her tousled hair, and the wanton expression, that seems a throwback to a Scarlett we may have been missing. Like she’s fresh all over again, and there’s something she’s reclaimed. Maybe that’s what a giant f-cking box office does for you.