The Prude & The Harlot

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The Other Boleyn Girl is due out in 2 weeks – new issue of W Magazine features Natalie Portman and Scarlett Johansson on the cover quivering your loins. Both of them together? I totally would.

During the interview, Scarjo and Nat address their public images – Natalie is the “prude”, and Scarlett is the self-proclaimed “harlot” who has been publicly criticised for saying in the past that she doesn’t believe “humans are monogamous by nature”.

“I’ve been battered for saying that I don’t believe humans are monogamous by nature. The response was, like, ‘What a ho-bag!’ I didn’t mean that I don’t practice monogamy in my own life — of course I do! I’m not going to be in some tarty relationship… I remember another time. I said I get tested for AIDS twice a year, and again that got spun as me being promiscuous. But I was single at the time, and I think it’s important to do that!”

Meanwhile it sounds like Natalie is ready to settle down and get serious, without necessarily making it “official”. At least not until the Gays can enjoy the same rights. Word.

“I’m into monogamy. But I’m not really into marriage right now. I sort of hate the legal aspect of it. What does the state have to do with it? Why are they making rules that say my lover can stay in the United States if they’re foreign or share my health care benefits because I’m straight -- but if you’re gay, you can’t have that?”

Scarlett then goes on to foam at the mouth about tabloids and the paps, calling out Us Weekly in particular for alleging she’d had a nose job:

“These tabloid magazines — I think they’re hideous and the downfall of society. (The Us Weekly story) - it was as ridiculous as if they’d showed side-by-side pictures of me at 11 and 20 and saying, ‘Look, she grew breasts!’”

Interestingly enough, she also acknowledges that many of her peers engage in paparazzi baiting, deliberately arranging “candids” and showing up at popular pap hangouts with a message on their agenda:

Said Scarlett: “You’re never going to find me at the Ivy. I don’t care how good the Cobb salad is.”

Mischa Barton just had lunch at the Ivy yesterday. Snort.

Finally, as you know, this is an election year in America. It’s well known, Scarlett is a huge Barack Obama supporter. Natalie on the other hand is undecided but impressed by his opponent:

"I met with about 10 representatives… and Hillary [Clinton] was by far the sharpest. Did you read Gloria Steinem’s op-ed piece? Hillary’s just so experienced.”

Click here for the full article. My favourite part is when Natalie calls The Other Boleyn Girl “history through porn.”  It is TOTALLY history through porn!  And incest! Sounds sick to say but Jim Sturgess plays George... wonder if they"ll actually go there?


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