Duana claimed Emma. But it was close for me. Since I almost always go Emma though, because Emma always does Emma, I went in a different direction. My direction, in case you haven’t noticed, is not usually body con.

But OMG Scarjo last night…

And in person it was even crazier. Like, it wasn’t just the body and the face, it was an entire mood. She set a mood with this look. With the hair. With the “I’m Scarlett Johansson and I don’t have to Jessica Rabbit this on my head to make it all soft and hard at the same time”. No. She doesn’t.

She can shave the sides off. She can scowl. She can stomp – and she was stomping because she was feeling the sh-t out of herself last night – and it comes together to produce impeccable chemistry: a beautiful, delicate balance of opposites that few people can achieve …which is why when they do, it’s a bomb that goes off.

No one else right now can touch her on that word: Bombshell.

Scarjo has branded it. She owns it. She’s swallowed it. It’s totally, unequivocally hers.