So many breakups. Yesterday it was Michael C Hall and Jennifer Carpenter. Today it’s two names on a muuuuch bigger scale. This article is about Scarlett Johansson and Ryan Reynolds. But come back tomorrow and I’ll have more for you on Hall and Carpenter. It’s complicated. Probably a lot more complicated than Scarjo and Ryan.

They have confirmed that it’s over. They’ve released a statement about love and respect. From what I’ve heard if there’s any drama, it wouldn’t be on his side, although I have to tell you I really love the emails I’ve been getting from so many of you on this about wanting to blame Blake Lively for it. When did Blake become the go-to huss? Did she? As hard as this is to believe, sometimes the cake gets put out and not eaten. And the split seems to be driven by Scarlett anyway.

Apparently she’s initiating proceedings. The official reason being “distance”. How about she’s just 26, married him at 24, dated him for 2 years before that? Success rates for marriage aren’t great outside of Hollywood. Throw youth and celebrity into that mix and it’s even sh-ttier. I wonder, irony of great ironies, if he was more into it than she was, and ultimately she needed to explore other options. Alanis might know how that feels.

As for when all this went down, is reporting they’ve been done for 6 months. Six months ago at Comic-Con they were fine. They were also together three weeks ago at her birthday. And if they were done six months ago, they just featured him on their Sexiest Man Alive cover last month, with new quotes from him on his marriage, it means they need to get their sh-t straight. The split wasn’t 6 months ago.

The split however is coming at a very interesting time in their careers. His could not be hotter. Hers has cooled considerably. Now that she’s single though, Gossip just picked up. They’re going to want to set her up with everyone. And Scarjo, she likes pretty boys: Leto, Hartnett, Reynolds, I’d give anything to see her throw down legitimately now with Blake over Gosling. Any.Thing.

PS. Can I just complain about how f-cking annoying it is to not be able to find a decent photo of them together? The paps have a few but they’re all like hoodied up and miserable, and so expensive today, obviously, because they’ve jacked up the rates since any shots of them together, even blurry and sunglassed are going at a premium now. I’m telling you this because I’m just throwing two headshots up and done. Writing in the car, on the way to the ferry, been on the road for a couple of hours, and soon as I got back in wireless range, this story blew up my Blackberry. Goddamn celebrities.

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