Finally. Although Anna Wintour is probably cutting herself in disgust about putting a curvier girl on her cover. The dark lips? The green dress? Love, love, love. The pose? The fact that her arm is covering her tits? Not so much. But still… it’s Scarlett Johansson. Scarlett denying what went around with Pipsqueak, Scarlett refusing to talk about Josh Hartnett, Scarlett praising that pervy creep Woody Allen, and Woody Allen describing her as CRIMINALLY SEXY. So… like… should a man who fell in love with his adopted daughter be using any derivative of the word “CRIMINAL”? And Woody Allen is a writer. Woody Allen knows words and the impact of those words. Don’t tell me this was simply an accidental adjective. Don’t tell me he wouldn’t have known that substituting “INCREDIBLY” in this case would have been perfectly acceptable. To call her CRIMINALLY SEXY is a direct implication: he’s acknowledging he wants her and that he wants to act on wanting her. And that he knows that wanting her and wanting to act on wanting her is wrong. But if given the opportunity, he’d probably do it anyway. THAT is what CRIMINALLY means. Freak. Source