First of all - she"s dressed for an office party. Second - if "I don"t f&cking care" could be made into a colour, this would be it. This, my friends, is the colour of indifference and disinterest. This is the colour selfish vain brides choose for their bridesmaids so they"ll look like crap next to her on the big day. Finally, most importantly, the dress doesn’t fit. Again it comes down to the breasts. And this dress might have worked on someone with no tits but on someone with big tits, it just doesn"t cling to any of the right places. The result? Kinda frumpy and even the illusion of - gasp! - fat. I"m telling you, she better look out before Karl Lagerfeld beats her down with his creepy fan. Being fat is one thing. But looking fat can result in a one year Chanel blacklist. After all, they don’t call him the Kaiser for nothing.