Well, not really since I can’t post their nudie pics but, um, I remember them quite well, is that sad? Sasha and I have been talking about this all morning. Please. We both stared at Blake’s forever. She has a SICK body. Anyway, if you’re industrious enough, and you don’t even have to be that industrious, you should be able to find both sets, Scarlett Johansson and Blake Lively, no problem. And if and when you do, or if you can recall them the way Sasha and I can, you’ll note the way Sasha just did that...

Scarjo’s naked posing is not unlike Blake’s naked posing. I suppose naked posing doesn’t vary all that much, unless of course you count Rihanna’s which were the f-cking nastiest of them all (dude, she spread her ass cheeks), but there are some sharp similarities between Scarjo’s and Blake’s, especially the full body ass shot, and it’s not the first time they’ve had something in common. Like Scarlett’s ex-husband. And a role in Gravity.

I’m just saying I would really love it if Natural Scarlett was inspired by Natural Blake. If Natural Blake has somehow become a muse for all other celebrities when they’re taking naked photos of themselves. Natural Blake has become the Natural template? Like the way people go into a salon and ask for so and so celebrity’s hair, from now on when people take tit shots in exchange for a dick shot, they’d be doing it with Blake Lively in mind. Hilarious.

My friend Ashley pointed out something equally hilarious to me today over email. Everyone else’s leaks are being referred to as “hacks”. Like a security violation and totally not deliberate.

Blake situation was never referred to as a “hack”. The FBI never got involved. Blake’s situation was always understood to be something she initiated on her own. The only question that remains is who was the recipient? And how, if she’s not on the “hack list” did they get disseminated? Was it man sharing it with his boys? Or, as Ashley noted, was it a man’s wife sharing it for revenge?