Can’t even imagine what Jacek will be doing after this post. He’s all over Monica Cruz, sister of Penelope Cruz. And Monica Cruz in combination with Scarlett Johansson? We have hours to go before the hockey game starts. That’s a lot of time.

Here they are in Spain at a party for Mango. Both Scarjo and M Cruz are official spokespersons. Yeah. M is a sexpot. Totally.

This I think is my favourite hair colour on Mrs Reynolds. And she wears red lipstick very, very well. I tried to wear red lipstick the other day and looked like an old dried up geisha. It’s so tricky on Asians.

Anyway, as reported earlier, Scarlett will be featured on Broadway beginning December 28 for 14 weeks opposite Liev Schreiber in A View from the Bridge concluding just in time to kick off Iron Man 2 promotion as the film opens on May 7th. Will be interesting to see if the studio trot out all four stars on the press tour – RDJ, Scarjo, Paltrow, and Cheadle – or if G is told to stay home in favour of the bombshell. Can’t wait.

Photos from and Michael Murdock/