Scarlett Johansson is on holiday in Hawaii with her boyfriend Nate Naylor, the “most beautiful” man in the world. Like he’s the aesthetic winner in this relationship.

But what are you playing at here, Scarjo?

Shots on the beach? Bikinis and affection? No attempt to hide, no misspelled sign accusing photographers are harassment? I can’t figure out if it’s for her own benefit or for his. But suddenly she’s not so surly. Suddenly she’s not so allergic to it. I’m not saying she’s LeAnn Rimes or anything, but this is new behaviour for sure. And, oh, on Friday too.

What else happened on Friday?

Safe House
, starring Denzel Washington and Ryan Reynolds was released.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Who are you, Scarlett? Jennifer Aniston all of a sudden?

Safe House came in at just under $40 million, well exceeding expectations. I’m just saying she’s not very good at this game.