Scarlett Johansson is crazy, sexy cool, and it never feels like she's trying hard to win you over. She's just being Scarlett.

You may have rolled your eyes when she recorded her Tom Waits cover album at 24, but at 30, she's now in a girl group with Este Haim. Their first single dropped yesterday, and you can listen to it here.

(Lainey: it's a good thing she clarified it was "ironic" though because. Um. Yeah.)

But after hitting the Tom Ford show in LA last night with her husband in her finest Bond girl attire, today Scarlett pops by the Independent Spirit Awards in Santa Monica. She's set to present and support her indie film Under the Skin, which is nominated for Best International Film.

Working a fresh buzz, Scarlett shows off her signature cleavage in a simple black Bec & Bridge dress and pale blue Pedro Garcia shoes for a subtle pop of colour. It's a bit dull, but the heels make up for it. Compared to Emma Stone and Jessica Chastain's black ensembles, she's in second place, with Jessica Chastain in first.

Tomorrow night, Scarlett's presenting at the Oscars. This isn't a bad dress rehearsal for her, style-wise. The hair looks ready to go, and above all else, she looks happy. Perhaps it's because she's so proud of her one-two mic drop from yesterday? We saw how excited she was to be a part of the Vice20 party in December, and maybe she'll channel more of that spirit for the Academy in 24 hours.

Either way, we'll probably see her get up and cheer if her friend Eddie Redmayne wins the Best Actor statue.