Scarlett Johansson and the most beautiful man in the world, Nate Naylor, are done. US Weekly has confirmed that the two ended it recently after dating almost a year. This is not surprising. Scarlett likes her men famous. She can’t help it.

Can we set her up now? I love this game. And Jude Law came to mind because there are new photos of him on holiday. Scarjo and Jude flirted at a post-Oscar party a couple of years ago but nothing really came of it because she was dealing with Sean Penn at the time. And it was around that time that she was photographed giving Penn a cock massage with her foot over lunch. Click here for a refresher.

But if you look at photos of Scarjo and Jude together-ish in the past, Photo Assumption says that there is indeed a lot of chemistry there. He’d be into it for sure. Those two’d be hot together.