A Tony Award isn’t a People’s Choice Award. A Tony Award is a big deal. And now Scarlett Johansson has been confirmed as a Tony Award-winning actor. She’s just 25 years old. Pretty impressive.

Scarjo of course is married to Ryan Reynolds, star of the upcoming Green Lantern. We are a LONG way off from seeing The Green Lantern but The Green Lantern is already moving to a sequel. Like they’re already working on a script. Which means two things: that they think the movie is REALLY good, and that obviously Reynolds is REALLY good in it. Add that to what looks to be an ongoing career partnership with Sandra Bullock (the two are reportedly signing on to a new project together), in addition to getting first read at many of the hottest scripts in town, and solid buzz coming out of Sundance for his independent feature Buried (trailer is below, it’s freakin’ me out), and all of a sudden, Mr & Mrs Ryan Reynolds and Scarlett Johansson have slowly, quietly become some kind of Hollywood power couple. I’ll be the first to say I never would have thought. Especially not back in the day when we were closely studying his foundation face. And discussing his sullen prick attitude with cast, crew, fans, and photographers.

Word is however this is a new Ryan. Perhaps it’s the influence of Bullock and of Hugh Jackman who knows how to front a Superhero franchise with grace. Am told that Reynolds has been nothing short of amazing and engaging and accommodating and friendly in New Orleans during Green Lantern production, a sharp difference from how he used to behave. Smart moves.

When it comes to his marriage though the general rule is still off limits. They deliberately walked the carpet during arrivals 10 minutes apart. And their attempt to guard their privacy resulted in the awkwardness you saw when she was announced the winner. US Weekly is saying that she snubbed her husband because she embraced her costar Liev Shreiber first. My Photo Assumption analysis of the situation is that Liev was accorded the respect he deserves in helping her achieve the honour, and then when it came to Ryan, they were both all like, oh I love you, oh I want to kiss you hard, but oh sh-t the camera is right there and remember, we don’t do this, remember we don’t engage in this, remember we have to go out of our way to not act like husband and wife so that they don’t get to own any part of us as husband and wife...? Result: awkward.

A better glimpse into what they’re really like is probably during the announcement of the nominees at about 1:18 in the video below. Also, while on stage, Scarjo did sweetly thank her “Canadian” and he looked truly moved. Smutty senses are not tingling here. For now, I think these two are solid. For now.