This seems to be the thesis of the Vogue profile on Scarlett Johansson. She covers the new issue. More on the article in a minute. First the photos:

It’s Mario Testino so, you know, meh.


Her shots with Mark Ruffalo are beautiful. Particularly that smirk on her face. You see that smirk? That’s the Scarjo you know. Not so sure about the Scarjo who showed up last night at The Avengers premiere in LA. It’s just... she is 27, right? Why do I have to keep reminding myself?

Ok so let’s get into the Vogue piece. Scarjo is more candid than I expected. And I enjoyed it. There’s a balance you can strike between answering the personal question in a way that you can live with, and compromising all the privacy, without sounding like a humourless, update, sanctimonious, hypocrite celebrity. She achieves that here. She is candid (enough) about why she and Ryan Reynolds didn’t work out and, the way I read it, acknowledges that in fact it was mostly her, that she didn’t know herself, that she was restless and unfocused. She also alludes to having some regret about her own attitude towards her marriage, and is still trying to work that sh-t out. There are no specifics, but it feels honest, authentic, and it made me like her more. The brief Sean Penn mention came off well too.

Interesting though how it opened, how the Scarlett we meet at the beginning of the article is in the kitchen, and we subsequently learn within two sentences that she is an “amateur chef” which means...what, exactly? That she cooks, but not professionally? Because, well, so do most of you. And I don’t know that you go around telling people you are “amateur chefs” so...

What’s the gossip angle here?

Well, you know who else has made a point of getting her domestic side out there with the baking and the culinary delighting? That would be Blake Lively.

Coincidence or conspiracy?

Girl Sh-t.

Always the Girl Sh-t.

And always, as it is with these kinds of pieces in these kinds of magazines, you’re good for at least two or three mega eyerolls. How about this paragraph?  

The same could be said of Johansson, who in person is self-effacing and endearingly wonky (she’ll take the White House Correspondents’ dinner over an awards show any day) and, were she not an established sex symbol, could easily be Scarlett, your chatty neighbor from across the hall. The designer Stella McCartney tells of meeting the actress one night at New York’s Carlyle hotel. “We started sipping dirty martinis with some friends of hers, and she opened a debate, which was ‘Are you born a killer, or are you made into a killer?’ " McCartney recalls. “I thought, Wow, she’s not just a pretty blonde actor.”

Well f-ck me, is that all it takes to be taken seriously in the GOOP Crew? Throw down a good old Nature vs Nurture argument and suddenly we’re all Marilyn vos Savant? That quote, it made me laugh. It’s like the 18 year old who falls in love with her TA because he can, I dunno, quote E E Cummings. No wonder they’re all so crazy. How can you not turn crazy surrounded by these crazy people with the strangest expectations?

By the way, the writer refers to Scarjo’s current boyfriend, Nate Naylor, aka the Most Beautiful Man In The World, as the “real-life Don Draper”.

Like, he put those words into a document, emailed them to an editor, who saw fit to PRINT THEM IN A MAGAZINE but not mean it as a joke. You know, without the internet, these people would be sprinting around freely, even freer than they are already, with no one to call them on their dumb sh-t.

One more thing - apparently Scarjo is “adapting” Truman Capote’s Summer Crossing for a feature film that she will direct. AND she can sing. AND etc, etc, etc. She calls it her “jazz hands”.

Click here to read the full Vogue article and to see more photos.