F-cking Scarlett Johansson.

Yeah. Her.

Like it wasn’t enough that she put out a Tom Waits cover album last year. Now…now she’s covering Jeff Buckley.

I just…

I can’t…

Am not being facetious, this made me want to cry. And I’m not a weeper. But, it’s wrong. It’s wrong like a Dodge Magnum, wrong like Stephenie Meyer, wrong like Jessica Alba, wrong like making the pretty girl lipsynch at the Olympics, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong, wrong.

And seriously bitch, if you can’t sing your own songs, why bother singing at all? Why insist on pissing on our most beloved?

Oh Jeff Buckley…

Scarlett stabbed us all in the heart.

If you feel like torturing yourself, click here for Scarjo’s rendition of Last Goodbye from the He’s Just Not That Into You soundtrack.

And the way it’s supposed to sound.

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