Scarlett Johansson was spotted shopping in Barcelona yesterday. I say back in Barcelona because when I think Scarjo and Barcelona, of course I think Vicky Christina Barcelona, a movie I really, really liked.

Anyway, she’s believed to be in town doing some work for Mango. She looks great. Great, great body. Her Vicky co-star Penelope Cruz is a Mango person too. On the high end luxury side, Johansson pimps for D&G. It’s keeping her busy until she confirms her next important role having likely lost out on a part that was thought to be hers in Gravity.

Remember Angelina Jolie dropped out of the Alfonso Cuaron film and then Scarjo had it but then Blake Lively tested and then both were discarded for Natalie Portman who passed and now it’s said to be with Sandra Bullock for consideration...?

Sandy and RDJ?

Oh I like that so much.

As for Scarlett, well, she still has Black Widow for The Avengers, but we’re definitely definitely waiting on a dramatic project. It really has been a while.

Photos from INFphoto