Scarjo attended the 2008 Nobel Peace Prize concert press conference today in Oslo alongside Michael Caine and, in keeping with her recent wifely trend, looked demure and serious and, as always, totally gorgeous.

She’s only 2 years older than Lindsay Lohan. Still I can’t imagine Lindsay Lohan like Scarlett Johansson in two years. Scarjo managed to avoid the party trap. As such, she’s much better positioned to have a long career. And becoming socially active and engaged doesn’t hurt either.

Wonderful accomplishments, all of them.

But for that foray into singing.


A Tom Waits cover album?

It’s perhaps the ultimate in arrogance, non?

You love his music? Send him a note!

If you love his music, why disrespect it with your own treatment …unless you think your own treatment is deserving? Someone should have slapped her for that. Because as character flaws go, it’s a major one. You know there are super hardcore Tom Waits fans out there who feel she should issue a public apology?

Sometimes I wonder if Ryan Reynolds thinks about this when he looks at his wife. To know that he married a woman who pissed on Tom Waits. Then again, he made a movie called Just Friends. And Van Wilder. Never mind. They’re even.

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