I know Ghost in the Shell comes from a super famous manga comic from the 1980s, but the teasers just released for the movie make it look like a knock-off Matrix. The teasers, which you can watch below in one video, are just a few seconds each and reveal distinct visuals with no context. We get a good look at Scarlett Johansson as “The Major”, the role that kicked off another round of whitewashing accusations, and we’re told “this is just the beginning”. In more ways than one—no matter how good this movie ends up being, ScarJo and director Rupert Sanders are going to be repeatedly asked about the decision to cast a white actress in that role.

The five teasers—none longer than fifteen seconds—are obtuse and strange, and the sound on the title card is legit unsettling. You know what this reminds me of? How Ryan Murphy teases American Horror Story every year. It’s always teases and hints and odd, out of context images. But the reality of American Horror Story never lives up to the promise of American Horror Story. Will Ghost in the Shell be any different? Does this make you want to find out what the ghost in the shell is? These teasers are telling us nothing about the plot or story, so it could go either way. Right now, all Shell is selling us on ScarJo and is future hallways where women in creepy masks reside.