Scarlett Johansson had a crusty face on in New York last night, presumably in town to begin a round of publicity for the upcoming We Bought a Zoo opening on December 23. Scarjo is never great with paps, unless of course she’s going out of her way to be great with paps when she knows she has to sell it (funny how that is, non?), but right now I wonder if it’s more than just the paps; right now I Photo Assume that it’s also a lot of Blake Lively.

The same Blake Lively who had to be told to step off her then-husband Ryan Reynolds during filming of Green Lantern. This Blake Lively who is her now ex-husband’s bonafide, as Scarjo ends her year without one of her own, and only the lingering stink of Sean Penn all over her feet, while Blake keeps playing her in public, and we continue to hear reports of Scarlett’s bitterness over their relationship. You juxtapose Scarjo’s face in these pictures with Blake’s always sunny and oblivious smile in these ones - click here to see - and, well, Photo Assumption supports those rumours, non?

Scarjo could really use a win then at the box office. It’d be a nice way to move into what will hopefully, for her sake anyway, be a more promising 2012 with The Avengers expected to lead the summer box office (even though it seems from the previews like she’s barely allowed to speak). She will need all the professional success she can get. Because who knows where Blake’s balling will take us next. Will it be the holidays with the Reynolds family? Before long they’ll be floating around an engagement possibility. If I were Scarlett, I’d call up Colin Farrell. Why not make this a good fight?