Some lovers are good for you. At least aesthetically, right? This is what I always used to say about Jude Law and Sienna Miller. They were at their physical bests when they were together. Emotionally...well... debatable. But this is a gossip blog. Fashion not function, and superficial always.

On this note then...check out Scarlett Johansson. We’ll get to the Sean Penn are they together or not question later. For now, check out, and closely, these photos of Scarjo from the Guys’ Choice Awards on Saturday.

Have you EVER seen her look this bad?

She looks BAD. Her face, it looks BAD. Like sh-t. And I’m one of those people, like, Scarlett Johansson is a goddess for me. I think she’s one of the hottest. SO hot.

But this...

This is not the Scarlett that became SCARLETT.

Her hair – it’s frizzy, it’s styled poorly, it’s a piss colour (for Avengers, sure), and she looks washed out and cheap. You can blame the hard work she’s putting in on the movie, ok, but, me, I prefer to blame her dickhead of a maybe boyfriend Sean Penn. Some men bring you down. That man is bringing her down. He is toxic.

As for whether or not they’re back together – this photo taken backstage at Guys’ Choice has everyone wondering. The thing with these two though is that it’s normally not their move. The fact that they agreed to pose together, to me at least, suggests that they are no longer together. It’s when they get all weird and shifty and cagey that you know something else is going on.

Thoughts? Let’s discuss during the liveblog today.

Photos from and Frazer Harrison/Kevin Winter/Jason Merritt/