I had Smutty Tingles all ready to go and then this broke:

Scarlett Johansson and her fiancé Romain Dauriac are expecting a child. E!, PEOPLE, and US Weekly are all confirming. Interesting timing. I don’t know if she wanted to bury it under the Oscars or babyjack it from the Oscars. On the one hand, Scarjo normally keeps her sh-t tight. She stays away from the kind of set-ups that, say, her successor plays around with. On the other hand, since Romain Dauriac, she’s also been a lot more open than we’ve previously seen her in relationships. They were at a film festival last year, arriving hand in hand, without any pouty weirdness and last week walked he carpet together at the Cesar Awards where she was honoured. They also allowed photographers to shoot them together in their seats, hands clasped. That NEVER happened during her previous marriage. And since my rest time just got pushed back and we haven’t slept in what feels like a week, I’m going to make the call right now and say it’s a straight up babyjack. Scarlett Johansson babyjacked the Oscars and my nap – that’s now been cut to 2 hours because I’m on the red eye back to Toronto tonight.

PS. You think Scarjo will be a bellycupper? I’m saying no.