Scarlett Johansson received her star on the Walk Of Fame today. The guest of honour: her grandmother Dorothy Sloan. Dorothy Sloan knows. Clearly. And look at the steezy patterned trim along the edge of her v-neck. Badass, right?

Dorothy was certainly the brightest star, and certainly one you can’t outshine, but Scarlett, Scarlett did good today too. I love everything, all of it, until we come to the ankles. The clashing Preen is amazing. Her hair is super cute. I just...God I wish she’d not decided on these suede red shoes. Ugh, and they’re peep toe too.

Didn’t see the beautiful boyfriend, or at least any photos of him there so far, but Jeremy Renner, her fellow Avenger spoke at the event and the two displayed some genuine affection which of course has some of you wondering about those rumours that they’d hooked up at one point or another. I feel like between these two it’s more like brother and sister, non?