Scarlett Johansson was photographed at the grocery yesterday picking up a few things to take back home. Home, of course, as we learned yesterday is at Sean Penn’s in Malibu. Wicked leather jacket, non?

Wouldn’t it be great if Ryan Reynolds hooked up with Robin Wright? Highly unlikely but with an ego like Sean’s, and given how he reacted to Robin’s ex Greg Shapiro at the Oscars a couple of years ago – click here for a refresher - to say nothing of the way Reynolds looks, and how much he’s getting paid these days, and the projects he’s been fronting, well, suddenly Sean wouldn’t be the only one who bagged a catch now, would he?

And oh oh!

Scarlett + Sean (SS), Ryan + Robin (RR).

Lame, yeah, but there’s a formula there!

Sometimes I wish I could script gossip.

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