Scarlett Johansson posed for pictures but did not stop to talk, preferring instead to let her ring take centre stage. And it did. She worked her ring.

On several occasions, especially when she walked by where we were, she deliberately put her arm around Dolce or Gabbana, giving tv journalists on the left side of the carpet a clear shot of her rock. It wasn’t obscene by Hollywood standards, it wasn’t a Mimi cheese kinda thing either. It was simple and understated and it looked great on her hand. What more can you ask.

Scarlett last night absolutely glowed. She has the milkiest skin and she’s tiny but not tiny, fleshy but also skinny, with breasts that defy whatever it is that she’s wearing – like at any moment they’re about to spill out, only they don’t because they are boobs that actually behave. In public. In private it they probably have the personality of a race car driver and the rhythm of a salsa queen.

Yes…Ryan Reynolds is in for life. That is if she doesn’t change her mind.

And I loved how she looked at the Met. Dewy and fresh, like a medieval faerie in keeping with the theme of her album …the one she is pushing so heavily, she’s actually working the phones.

Correction from yesterday – it will be released on May 20th. But the point remains the same: the engagemend was an announcement that came just in time.

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