My ma, the Chinese Squawking Chicken, as you know if you’ve been reading my blog long enough, is all about feng shui and energy and protecting yourself against the bad sh-t. One time we looked at house on the market that turned out to be “dirty”, and for weeks afterwards, that spirit would not leave me. I felt like sh-t, I was gaunt, my skin was grey... it was horrible. And while my ma, she tried her best with recommendations of what to do, sometimes there is no quick fix. You have to put your head down, make certain arrangements and placements in your life, and just ride that sh-t out. Now, whenever we drive by that place - it’s not too far from where we live - I refuse to look, I don’t want to risk it coming back in.

I feel like this is what’s happened to Scarlett Johansson. Scarjo to me has always been one of the most attractive young women in Hollywood. I dig her look really hard. But she was dumb about her marriage and she was dumb about Sean Penn. And those dumb decisions are sitting on her luck, cockblocking her luck, like heavy toxins that refuse to clear. Lately, Scarjo looks dull. Glow-less. Even on her teeth. I mean, we’re not at Lindsay Lohan levels of nasty but I certainly wouldn’t call her fresh, either.

Check out Scarjo yesterday promoting We Bought A Zoo on Letterman and at the premiere. Sean Penn’s  gross is taking its sweet ass time clearing his way out of her system. Sometimes the bigger the mistake, the longer the expulsion period.