Here's Scarlett Johansson in Paris for an Obama fundraiser organised by Anna Wintour and an event for Tod's. I'm writing this on Blackberry - Scarjo is D&G for sure, but does she have a deal with Tod's? Is it coming? Or did they just send her a tote and a plane ticket?

As you can see, by Hollywood standards, and surrounded by all those fashion people, Scarlett kept it simple and stripped down. That's about as clean of a face as you'll see from a celebrity at a proper public appearance. No she doesn't look washed out or worn or whatever. She's just not wearing 2 inches of foundation and powder and all the rest and the lighting is probably sh-t. I dunno, man, without any of the usual illusory tricks and tools, that's pretty impressive. I prefer her without the camouflage. Also I like this quote - Scarlett to WWD on her personal style:

“I think every girl has their difficult part of their body that’s difficult to dress,” she said. “For me it’s always been about being petite and curvy. There are certain styles I’d love to wear, but I just have to come to terms with the fact that I just don’t look good in like a sack dress, it’s just not going to happen.…As you get older you learn more about your body and what looks good on you. It’s weird for me, because I’ve been photographed for so long…and sometimes you look back at those red-carpet pictures, and you’re like, ‘What was I thinking?’ I think everyone has that, maybe not on that scale…but everybody has their shameful red-carpet moment."

God I love a good sack dress. But she's right. Short people with some thickness just can't do it.