There was an Obama fundraiser last night in New York with all kinds of fashion people. Scarlett Johansson attended with her brother and not her “most beautiful” boyfriend who wears douchebag baseball caps. The event was hosted by Vogue which is why the style question came up, specifically in relation to the surging Rick Santorum’s sweater vests. Here’s how Scarjo grades Santorum’s signature wardrobe selection:

"Oh gosh, so sad. My dad wore them, and, I mean, they're charming for family photos I guess, and dinner with the grandparents. I think there's an ironic way to wear a sweater vest but other than that I'm not sure!"

Funny that because her ex-husband, Ryan Reynolds, wears sweater vests a lot. I have attached for you a few examples.

When asked about Republican criticism for this particular party, full of alleged elitists and Anna Wintour, in support of the President, Scarjo retorted:

"Why would they say that? They are all so unfashionable. Let them say what they want!"

Annnnnnd...there it is. There she is. The hot girl who thinks she’s a LOT smarter than she is, given a great opportunity to prove it’s actually true, and the best comeback she can come up with is to label the opposition “unfashionable”.

I was wrong. She IS indeed a dumbass.

PS. Remember those rumours about Scarjo and Joseph Gordon-Levitt hooking up? Turns out it was strictly work. He’s directing a movie from a script he wrote about a player who wants to stop being a player. According to Deadline, Scarlett is confirmed to co-star.

Source Us Weekly