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She’s the new face of Mango. Her friend Penelope Cruz was the old face of Mango. Or maybe she still is a Mango face but they made room for more.

In any event, Scarjo has added yet another endorsement to her growing list. She’s also currently repping Moet & Chandon (hmmmm... I just got the champagne shakes), D&G cosmetics, and was the face of Louis Vuitton last year.

Her Mango ads will hit in the fall. These are behind the scenes shots.

LOVE this hair. Total sexpot. Sexpot married to a sucky bitch. Maybe they’re both sucky bitches together?

Ever since I wrote that story about Ryan Reynolds the other day – click here if you missed it – similar citizen reports have poured in.

I’m saving them up to dole out slowly. Here’s a good one though from his days with Alanis:

Ryan and Alannis Morrisette came in one night (obviously a few years ago at the restaurant where I worked). They asked to sit in a quiet corner, so naturally, I sat them in my section. She was a doll - an absolute doll. So polite and kind and beautiful. (And surprisingly short!). He, as we all know, was really tall and really beefcake-ish. She had chicken tenders and caeser salad and he had the salmon (why I remember this sh-t, I don't know). Anyway, she and I had a little chat about the Grey Cup (the Lions were in it that year) and I told her how hers was the first concert I ever saw. She was really gracious and nice. HE, on the other hand, kept swearing like a sailor every time I came around! I mean, swearing about nothing. Swearing just to swear and sound like a big shot. It was pathetic and totally not what a normal down to earth person would do. Would you say something like, "I don't watch f-cking CFL" to your server? No, a nice, polite person would not. He kept on doing this - it was really douchey.

SO douchey.

Like all of a sudden Ryan Reynolds reckons he’s George Clooney.


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