Remember that dead body comedy Scarlett Johansson signed onto a few months ago? Well, it’s casting up and Scarlett Johansson is being joined by several funny ladies: Kate McKinnon, Jillian Bell, and Ilana Glazer. McKinnon you know from SNL, and the upcoming Ghostbusters reboot. Glazer is one half of the Broad City duo (Rock That Body—formerly Move That Body—is from one of the Broad City directors). And Jillian Bell you’ve probably seen in some combination of Workaholics, 22 Jump Street, or The Night Before. If you don’t recognize Jillian Bell, take four minutes and watch her improvising on 22 Jump Street. Jillian Bell is the business.

On top of all this talent, Zoe Kravitz is also in talks to join. So this a murderer’s row of female talent, headlined by Scarlett Johansson who, um, doesn’t have the best reputation for sharing. But maybe, as she’s cemented her place as one of the most in demand actresses, that’s changing. Maybe from the top of the mountain she’s feeling magnanimous. And amidst the competitive friendship of squadding, this is a hashtag squad I can get behind. Especially since the movie is about these women trying to dispose of a dead body. Weekend at Bernie’s by way of Fargo starring ScarJo’s comedy squad? You have my attention.


Attached - Ilana Glazer with Abbi Jacobson at the Hulu Upfront today in New York.